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Sysco Food

Sysco Option Three

Sysco is a restaurant wholesale food distributor. They not only partner with more local ranchers, growers, and producers than any distributor in the industry, but have partnerships with food banks and other hunger relief organizations. In the video example above, we helped them advertise their sustainability and customer satisfaction. One Bayside restaurant in particular, had been asking for GMO free oil and Sysco delivered! They not only created oil but a pan spray, as well.

The commercial starts with Sysco’s logo, then cuts to Catherine Spivey, who works at the Bayside Restaurant, talking to the camera about how Sysco has helped their restaurant. As Catherine talks we cut to b-roll showing off the interior of Bayside and then we get a close up on Sysco’s Sustain oil products the restaurant loves. We see more b-roll of the oil products being used by the chefs and then more close-ups of their delicious meals.

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