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-Classy Brunch-


The Logo

For this logo, Mike ADV of Boston Restaurant Marketing and Sound and Vision Media, created the “S” using elegant curves. The concept of the logo uses Romanian and Greek characters for the lettering.


The Menu

As their tagline describes, this brunch restaurant serves three significant types of food: fish, meat, and dessert. Symposium wants only to serve the best meat and seafood. It shows these three types of food with arrows pointing to the next delicious image. Mike has also created this mockup of a woman holding and reading the menu.

The Website


One of the meanings of the word Symposium is a drinking party or convivial discussion, normally held in ancient Greece after a banquet. Symposium is a brunch restaurant located in Germany. This image is a sneak peak to what the finished product will look like. The home page’s background will include a lobster, alone with some other seafood and sliced limes. Their website was created by Mike ADV and is still being worked on. It should be out next year.