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The Logo

This logo has a curly handwritten look to it. It actually feels sweet! The orange font color is also important to note because orange in the advertisement business represents food. In this image we also see their logo on a coffee cup with a donut just about to be dipped into it.


The Outdoor Sign

In this outdoor sign mockup we see the Sweet Bakery font, but in white this time. The sign is black and has an elegant look to it, against the cityscape background.

The Interior Design


Sweet Bakery is another project close to Mike ADV. It came from the mind of his former band member. The tagline for it, Emotion Factory, was also the name of their band. It is located in Milan. This is an early mockup image of what the interior could have potentially looked like. We see a birch color wood flooring with chairs and tables that subtly match. To the right, we see a curved black wall with the logo painted on with an image of a cup full of coffee with candy canes inside. The left wall is orange with some swirly, white drawings of different kinds of desserts on it. There’s a large counter with displays filled with delicious desserts. An LED screen with a digital menu is on the wall next to the logo that is also on the back wall.