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-Italian Pizza-


The Logo

This Minnee’s Italian Pizza logo, created by Mike ADV, is simple yet effective in showing what exactly this pizza place is about. The cute, curly font goes well with the adorable name “Minnee”. The colors red, green, and white are based on the Italian flag and correlate with what they’re creating: Italian Pizza.

Minnes Italian Pizza

The Pizza Box

Minnee’s Italian Pizza’s box shows off more of the authentic Italian pizza. Again, it uses the Italian flag colors: red, green and white, while also showing off their Italian styled pizza. It is made to give the sensation of what you are going to find when you open the box. It’s almost as if it’s transparent.

The Banner

Mockup Fence Banner 2

Minnee’s Italian Pizza is going to be a pizza restaurant located in Italy. This banner shows off not only the Italian flag colors but the quality of food the customers would get. We see a pizza with fresh tomatoes, olives, peppers, and more. Under the delicious-looking pizza, there’s a red and white picnic-styled folded napkin, which adds to the more casual feel of Minnee’s Pizza.