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The Logo

Honey B is cereal and honey created by Mike ADV and his sister who is a biologist who has worked with bee’s. This photo shows the logo for this product drawn in a handwritten font. The curls in the font give it a fun vibe.


The Outdoor Sign

This cereal box is brown and yellow, with a honey dipper along with a jar of honey on it. The bottom of the box shows the actual cereal that looks like it’s in a bowl. There’s five layers of plastic covering the cereal that gives you a sneak peak of what you’ll be buying.

The Interior Design


As previously mentioned, Honey B was created by Mike ADV and his biologist sister. This is a mockup of a kitchen that shows the cereal box on a clean, white countertop. If you look to the right, you also see the design of the Honey B honey jar. It has the same logo font and colors on it as the cereal box. You may also notice that the tile on the wall resembles honeycomb cells.