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The Logo

Mike ADV  was inspired to make the design of the G and C look like binoculars. This is to get customers to “focus” on what they’re looking at. There are two different logos with two different color schemes. One with orange-colored lettering and the other with black.

Good Caffè2

The Indoor Sign

The binocular-inspired logo that Mike ADV created was placed on a mockup sign. It’s to show what this logo could look like in the actual cafe. If you look closely, you can also see the logos on the coffee bags in the background.

The Brand Identity


Good Caffe is an Italian coffee bar located in Rome, Italy. This is the place to be if you want a taste of real Italian espresso. As previously mentioned, the logo of the binocular-inspired G and C is meant to get the customers to “focus” on it. There is also a bit of steam coming from the whole thing itself to symbolize heat coming from coffee. This attention-grabbing logo also includes the cafe’s name in the tagline.