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-Sushi bar-


The Logo

Fujiko’s logo, created by Mike ADV, is apart of a Japanese food chain with three other stores. It is similar to their other logos. It’s font looks almost handwritten, along with the name of one of their three restaurants below. It also has an Enso circle, written with brushstroke. Enso in Japanese means circle.

Mockup Of A Woman Reading An A5 Flyer 27426

The Flyer

This Fujiko’s flyer is a mockup of a man with tattoos holding a flyer for this Japanese Sushi restaurant. Following the food that is served here, it has an image of freshly made sushi looking delicious on the cover. The background being red, also catches your eye.


The Menu

Mike was also asked to create this branch’s menu which has over 165 dishes. Similarly to its flyer, we see an image of sushi on the cover. It also includes a mockup of a woman sitting and reading the menu.

The Billboard


Along with these three branding items, Mike created a billboard. It shows a woman with a slick black bob wearing a white shirt with a bow tie and eating a piece of sushi with chopsticks. It feels high-end and classy, which could be two ways of describing Fujiko’s brand. The restaurant only allows for 35 people to be in it at once and can be a bit pricey, which is also something the billboard displays.