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Bread of Dreams


Bread of Dreams is a little hole in the wall restaurant located in Lynn, Massachusetts. It’s known for it’s breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. It’s an affordable and delicious restaurant where you can sit with a friend for lunch or just get take out. We not only helped Bread of Dreams create this wonderful commercial, we also helped them with their food photography and their signs! 


In this commercial, Sound and Vision help Bread of Dreams show off it’s cozy shop. We see some customers at the start. One taking out a bag to go and another sitting down for a bite to eat. After some close-up shots of the workers preparing and serving the food, we get to see some stylized shots of their actual food. We see a muffin, an egg with pepper being scattered on it, and a steak and cheese sub with a green garnish being dropped from above. Another close-up shot of the sandwich is shown, while someone cuts open the sub. After some more shots of the food, one that includes a shot of whipped cream being added to a drink, we see their logo.


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