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D'Amelio's Restaurant


D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Restaurant located in Revere, Massachusetts. It was opened by Joseph D’Amelio, who started out as a dishwasher, then learned all about the restaurant business after working in his father’s restaurant. They’re an Italian and Seafood restaurant, where they serve fresh seafood with an Italian flair! This commercial we made, shows off the interior decor, while showing you some of the delicious meals they have to offer, all while Joseph and Antoinette D’Amelio talk enthusiastically about their business.

In this ad, we first get a tracking shot of D’Amelio’s owner walking through the interior of the restaurant. The camera cuts back to this shot throughout the clip. Then, we get an interview of the owner and his wife discussing the history behind their business. While they’re talking we cut to close-ups of food being prepared by chefs and already done meals that are ready to be served. There are also some bar shots of drinks being poured and the workers being friendly towards their customers. After cutting back to some more close-up shots of two interviews, we get a blur transition to D’Amelio’s logo and contact information.


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