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Prime Brazilian Steakhouse


Alma Gaucha is a Brazilian restaurant located in Boston, Massachusetts. They serve all types of amazing Brazilian dishes and they only use quality meat. We got a chance to help them create this commercial to help show off their gorgeous restaurant.

We start this commercial by seeing an establishing shot of Alma Gaucha’s sign outside. Then we see an interior shot of a couple sitting at the bar and getting served by the bartender. We get some close-up shots of the beautiful looking drinks, along with an appetizer. Next, we see a panning shot of the couple going to the buffet to get the mouth-watering looking food they have. Once the couple are back at their table, we see a server bring them their meat and cut it right in front of them. We get some nice close-up shots of the knife slicing into it. After a few more shots of the meat, we get another close-up on the desserts they have available to order. It all ends back to the establishing shot of the sign and logo outside of the restaurant.

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