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Brand Identity

What is the true personality of your restaurant or your food branding strategy? What does your character look like in the eyes of your audience? Does the real tone of your restaurant actually and truly inspire people to not only flock to your brand, but to tell their friends about you? Whenever we discuss the brand identity of your restaurant or food brand, these are only a small portion of the types of questions that we will be asking of you. We believe in doing a deep dive and tremendous amounts of research and then coming up with a solid game plan for your restaurant and food brand.

Video Production

As you can easily see, we have over 35 years of experience with food and restaurant videography and detailed food photography. On this web site we have included some samples of effective food and restaurant videos that have proven very successful for our clients! So many food brands and restaurants fall short in the food photography and restaurant marketing video sector of their brand. Here at Boston Restaurant Marketing, we fully embrace our photography and videography aspect of your advertising campaign and we always will get proven results for our clients. It is about having a great creative plan for your marketing and then letting the food or product photography and cinematography do the talking.

Let's Build the Future success of your Restaurant

Boston Restaurant Marketing is a respected brand in advanced marketing techniques that get our restaurant and food clients results!

Boston Restaurant Marketing is an experienced enterprise restaurant and food marketing agency with a stellar reputation throughout the New England and Boston area.

Boston Restaurant Marketing is a group of talented and experienced individuals who are dedicated at their craft and they all understand all of the ins and outs, and the potential pitfalls that hold restaurant and food companies back. When you look closely into what we have accomplished you will find two of the most respected and renowned names in the industry today, those being MikeADV and Sound And Vision Media.

Photography and Retouching

Photography and Retouching

In the old days, people would just set up lights and cameras to shoot your restaurant or food products with the best cameras and that was that. Things have changed dramatically in the food photography part of the restaurant and food business these days. To get the best photographs, our Boston food photographers start with only the best brands of cameras and we even often use 20,000.00 lenses depending on the clarity and details that we are looking for. Our philosophy at Boston Restaurant Marketing is that we need to put in the time to make you restaurant or food photography and even the customers and staff shots always looking beautiful and inspiring!

Embodying the ethos of Boston Restaurant Marketing, we are firm believers in the investment of time and effort. Our commitment is unwavering – whether it's capturing the ambiance of your establishment, the artistry of your culinary creations, or even candid moments of your patrons and staff. Every shot is meticulously crafted to emanate a sense of beauty and inspiration. The contemporary world of food photography is a fusion of technology, artistry, and dedication. We recognize the power of imagery in shaping perceptions and sparking desires. Hence, our approach resonates with a profound understanding of the role these visuals play in conveying your restaurant's essence and inviting patrons to indulge in an enchanting culinary experience.

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Marketing Plan

As you probably know, without a great food or restaurant detailed marketing plan, especially in the food or restaurant business, you are not going very far. To make a great plan you will need to know your competitive environment for the sector of the food or restaurant marketing area you are going for. Knowing your direct local and national competition and how you can be creatively different and even better on all fronts is an aggressive strategy that we fully believe in here at Boston Restaurant Marketing. Knowing your target market and having a unique branding awareness and identity program and how to relate to your target market in a fun and unique way is just the beginning. Boston Restaurant Marketing's pledge is to be with you every step of the way.

Targeted ADS

Did you know that targeting potential new clients to your restaurant or food sector of the market is much easier than you think. Today you can simply pick the areas of the country or the community where you would like new customers to find your restaurant or food product and we can easily help you find them for you and even check the success level of our targeting after the launch. We know where they live, how much money they make, how often they eat out at surrounding restaurants and we can easily find and attract new people who have just moved into your area and target their emails, the websites they spend their time on and we can even place select banners and messages directly to their cellphones!

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The Process


Create and maintain a consistent positive and brand identity through proven and tested modern marketing strategies and constantly tracking your results! During our intake meeting with you, our on-boarding team will make sure that we are solid with your message, what makes you different, what make you unique and we will make sure that this always shines through in your targeted advertisements, slogans, your logos, websites and strong social media presence, just to name a few!

We consistently evaluate exactly what are the goals that we are setting for your success and what we need to do, to always work with your team to improve them. The restaurant and food marketing business is a moving target and the digital and traditional scene of your environment is constantly changing and we have to move with these trends whenever that environment changes. For example, how will the latest Google algorithm changes change what we are doing and how and when we can move with these variables for example. We have to follow what is going on around and not just follow the trends but make your food or restaurant image be the maverick and never the follower. We need your brand to lead the way!

Making sure that your website is cutting edge especially compared to your competitors, constantly making changes to stay ahead of the curve. Making sure that your million dollar message of who you are and what you do makes you stand out of the crowd in a fun and dynamic way. Keeping your social media feed fresh and always drawing new or existing clients back to your food brand or restaurant. We also need to make sure that you are listed in all of the best. Your takeout and delivery sites must always run smoothly.

Your reviews! It is not what you say about your restaurant or food brand that matters, it is what other people say that will help you make the most money! As we work on your website and your online presence we will make it very easy for people to leave reviews and we will always encourage them to give great reviews for your brand through a proven system that we can install on your website, and we also set you up with great cutting edge programs that encourage positive reviews. After you get your great reviews, we will even tell you how to respond in the best way to inspire new prospective clients that find you on Google My Business, and on the maps, or on searches like "great restaurant near me", or the many other variety of search terms that you clients are looking for and this is involved deeply in theSEO part of your online presence which we can help you with!

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